Nokian Tyre Nokian WR G2 SUV Tires

Studless Winter Passenger Car tire.


  • Asymmetrical inside-out tread pattern
  • Center rib features new 3D siping
  • Innovative slush wedge and polished grooves force heavy slush and water aside
  • Use of Purified oils in the manufacturing process
  • New rubber compound made from cool silica and canola oil, reducing rolling resistance
  • Nokian Tyres 50,000 Miles Treadwear Limited Warranty (excluding Z, W and Y speed rated)


  • Easy to handle and stable to drive on all surfaces, even at high speeds
  • Ensures superb grip in winter conditions
  • For better handling and stability on wet and dry roads
  • To prevent slush and aquaplaning
  • Eliminate carcinogens that harm the environment
  • Improve fuel efficiency

Nokian Tyre

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