Bridgestone Potenza Re960 A/S Pole Position RFT

All-Season Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire Optimized for Traction and Providing the latest in Bridgestone Run Flat technology.


  • 3D shape
  • Arc shape leading edge
  • Dual-layer tread
  • Hydro evacuation surface (HES)
  • Cooling fin sidewall design
  • NanoPro-Tech sidewall reinforcement rubber compound
  • Special intermediate block shape
  • Buy & Try 30 Day Guarantee
  • 40,000 Mile/65,000 km Supplemental Mileage Limited Warranty


  • Improves handling response
  • Enhances all season performance
  • Minimizes the effect of wear on wet tire performance by exposing high grip rubber as the tire wears
  • Improves wet traction by reducing flow resistance of water along groove walls
  • For improved ride comfort
  • For ride comfort and provides low pressure mobility
  • Improves all-season traction


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