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In addition to providing a comfortable ride, shocks and struts provide the critical function of keeping your wheels in proper contact with the road; vital to safe steering and braking. Henise Tire provides the service to service your vehicles shocks and struts.

Why choose Henise Tire for your shock and struts needs in Cleona, PA, and its neighboring areas? What instills confidence in countless car, SUV, sedan, van, and truck owners in Cleona, PA, to entrust us with the task of ensuring their shock and strut systems operate smoothly and safely? Some attribute it to our enduring presence as a vital establishment in Cleona since 1957, renowned for our exceptional vehicle maintenance. Others emphasize our reliability and, crucially, affordability. Ultimately, we believe it's our commitment to delivering top-tier services that empower our customers to keep their vehicles running smoothly on the roads.

York Store:

Reach out for shock and strut services in York PA, at a central location that’s easy to reach. We’re located at:

340 S Richland Avenue
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Cleona Store:

If you need shock and strut repair in Cleona PA, our store is situated for easy access from surrounding areas:

558 E Penn Ave
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We offer much more than our shock and strut repair services, our family-owned, third-generation enterprise provides a range of vital vehicle services. Whether you've recently experienced an accident or simply wish to address a bothersome scratch or dent on your car, our repair and auto body services can restore your truck, sedan, luxury vehicle, or SUV to its former glory.

So, if you are currently at home online looking for shock and strut services near me or places that change fix shock and struts the shock and strut services at Henise Tire are exactly what you are looking for.

Shock and Strut Diagnostics

Shock and Strut Diagnostics

In contrast to other tire facilities that solely concentrate on specific brake or tire components like discs, drums, pads, and cylinders, at Henise Tire, our skilled technicians and mechanics take a comprehensive approach to your vehicle's shock and strut systems. We grasp the intricacies of these vital components, including their hydraulics and interconnectedness, from the moment you engage your vehicle's suspension.

The shock and strut system in your vehicle comprises various interconnected components collaborating to provide stability and control. Typically, in trucks, SUVs, and sedans, the front shock absorbers and struts tend to experience more wear compared to the rear ones. This is primarily due to the increased weight distribution on the front end of your vehicle during braking maneuvers, necessitating heightened support from the front suspension components.

In heavy-duty pickups, it's typical for the rear shock and strut systems to undergo more rapid wear than the front counterparts. This phenomenon is primarily attributed to the substantial weight often carried in the truck bed or rear section. Hence, our approach encompasses a thorough examination of the entire shock system, allowing us to identify any indicative signs of additional issues that may require attention.

We Isolate the Root Cause of Brake Problems

At Henise Tire, we have performed these types of repairs on countless makes and models of trucks, SUVs, luxury vehicles, sedans, hatchbacks, and electric vehicles. However, it is exactly because of our ability to assess your vehicle’s entire shock and strut system that we’re able to ensure a permanent fix to any potential problems in other portions of your vehicle’s assembly.

  • Shock and strut instillation
  • Rebuilding and Reconditioning
  • Adjustment of Shock and Struts
  • Shock and Strut upgrades

Comprehensive Solutions to Shock and Strut Repairs

Ensuring a comprehensive and thorough repair solution for your car's shock and strut system is paramount for all our customers at Henise Tire. While we can address specific needs such as pad replacement with ease, our dedicated service technicians and seasoned mechanics prioritize detecting any additional potential issues. This proactive approach guarantees that your entire shock and strut system operates optimally, contributing to your vehicle's overall safety and performance.

Shock Absorbers are hydraulic devices that control the movement of the suspension springs, dampening the oscillations and vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces or vehicle maneuvers. When the vehicle encounters a bump or dip, the shock absorbers compress and release hydraulic fluid through internal valves, converting kinetic energy into heat and dissipating it, thus minimizing the bouncing motion of the vehicle.

Struts are similar to shock absorbers but include additional structural components that support the weight of the vehicle and provide attachment points for other suspension parts, such as the coil spring and steering knuckle. In some vehicles, struts replace both the shock absorber and certain suspension components, simplifying the suspension system's design.

Potential Causes of Shock and Strut Problems

Normal Wear and Tear: Over time, the internal components of shocks and struts can degrade due to constant use and exposure to road conditions. As they wear out, their ability to absorb shocks and maintain stability diminishes, leading to diminished ride quality and handling.

Excessive Load: Carrying heavy loads or towing trailers beyond the vehicle's recommended capacity can put extra strain on the shock absorbers and struts, causing them to wear out more quickly.

Poor Road Conditions: Driving over rough roads, potholes, speed bumps, or uneven surfaces can subject the shock absorbers and struts to increased stress and impact forces, potentially leading to damage or premature wear.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the shock absorbers and struts are essential to identify any issues early and address them before they escalate into more significant problems affecting vehicle safety and performance.

Henise Tire: Your Shock and Strut Specialists

At Henise Tire, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience when coming to us for servicing. That is why we also provide comprehensive tire selection, balancing, rotation, alignment, and tire disposal services in addition to performing inspections of your vehicle’s undercarriage while fixing suspension and transmission problems.

If you are experiencing problems with your shocks and struts and need them inspected, contact us now.

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