Nokian Nordman SUV

Light Truck/SUV Studdable Winter Tire.


  • Special Tread pattern
  • Driving Safety Indicator
  • Full depth locking sipes and angled tread elements
  • Jointless nylon belt
  • Sipe activators
  • Mud Stopper
  • Rim Guard


  • Expels water, snow and slush while providing uncompromised lateral grip
  • Thousands of biting edges create unparalleled traction
  • Help prevent tread separations while providing a smooth, comfortable ride
  • Enhance the sipe's performance on the most slippery surfaces
  • Prevents damage to the tire by stopping dirt and other objects from getting caught between the tire and the rim
  • Sturdy rib on the rim area protects the rim against knocks and scratches. Not available in all sizes


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