Nokian Tyre Hakka Truck 844 Tires

Radial, Steer and Trailer Position Truck and Bus Tire for All-Season, Long and Medium Haul Applications. 3PMSF and M+S Rated.


  • New belt structure
  • Spiral Sipe System
  • Stone ejectors in the main groove
  • Low rolling resistance
  • DSI Indicator
  • Specially reinforced sidewalls


  • Provides optimal surface pressure for even wear and excellent mileage
  • Maintains the correct stiffness of the tread pattern even as the tire wears for even wear and long service life
  • Reduce penetration of sharp rocks, prolonging operating life
  • Reduces fuel costs and ensures silent running
  • Indicates how much tread is left on the main grooves of the tire
  • Protect the tire from chafing against paving stones
  • Good grip in normal winter conditions

Nokian Tyre

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